Behold: The smallest game you've ever played.

Lilli is a minimalist 2D platformer... played entirely within a level that is 64 by 64 pixels in size!

• For desktop play in browser (NOTE: click inside the game window to begin playing!)

• Keyboard controls: Arrow keys move Left and Right, Up = Jump

• The red squares will kill you instantly

• The blue square (upper-left corner) is the goal

• When you reach the goal, you will be shown your finish time -- try again to see if you can beat Lilli even faster!

Have fun!

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Note: Current high score is 11.9 seconds (!!!) --


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WHAAAAAT superb 


Next level, please




I want to see these runs. XD But yeah, might have to expand on the idea. Thanks for playing! 

Deleted 1 year ago

That's beautiful. Break away. 

This hurts my eyes.


Oh the rage!

Arrow keys still scroll window in Chrome

Ah, annoying! If you click into the gameplay box, you should be able to control it from there -- Thanks for the heads-up! 

Hmm, having trouble getting it to work on Safari, Chrome, or Firefox on my MacBook.

On a Mac if you use Chrome, then it won't scroll if you use Up, Left, or Right arrow keys. I played the game this way. Hope it helps.